[Featured Developer] Game Development with the CHIKKA API

chikka sms api

by Vic Vera

Ever wanted a phone number that can be programmed to respond to its users? Your own service that can be accessed by anyone via SMS? The Chikka API enables the developer to own a Chikka short code (i.e., a special phone number) that allows any person using Smart, Sun and other telco networks to send and receive messages to and from your own short code.

As long as your programming language has an HTTP POST request method, you can connect Chikka with your server and receive a JSON string containing the user’s message and phone number. You can also send messages to the user by sending a CURL request from your server to Chikka. With access to all major cellular networks, your reach is incredible.

To learn more visit the COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION here

What does Battleships feature on the Chikka API?

Battleships is an example of an app that would traditionally require an Internet connection for its services but is circumvented through SMS and the Chikka API. Imagine being able to use a Twitter app offline while still being able to send Tweets and receive Mentions, a weather app that could update itself via SMS, an emergency email on the go, or other services that would only require just enough data to fit inside the SMS body. If need be a bit more space in the SMS body, use compression techniques that comply with SMS encoding. The Chikka API enables the user to use SMS messaging as more than just a messaging app.

SOURCE CODE: https://github.com/vicboyv/Battleships & https://github.com/vicboyv/BattleshipsServer


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