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We’d like to thank our friends from SPARK! for collaborating with SMARTDevNet with this hackathon.


Make It Happen is the 2015 theme Women’s Day 2015, encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women. This year’s Women’s Month celebration is especially significant as it marks 20 years since the United Nations laid down an agenda for women’s rights and gender equality in Beijing: the Beijing Platform for Action. In addition, 2015 is critical as the world seeks to define a new set of targets to succeed the Millennium Development Goals. SPARK! together with SMART Communications and the J. Amado Araneta Foundation join the call for women’s empowerment through ‘hacking the gender gap’.


1. A call for the creation of Safe Spaces and Safe communities of women
One out of 5 women in the Philippines fall prey to different types of violence. There are many areas such as in Metropolitan Manila where vulnerabilities of women are high due to lack of security and poor facilities. Yet, women still pass through or commute through these areas everyday. Stories of women being kidnapped and raped while passing these areas haunt the news at an increasingly alarming rate.As it stands, there are no online portals that allow women to anonymously report incidents of violence. There is also a lack of means to track ‘safe spaces’ for women to use as well as the lack of means to be warned when entering a ‘danger zone’. We are looking for an online platform that will allow women to report incidents of violence as well as be able to capacitate women to identify safe spaces and warn them from danger zones via SMS, email and even through Facebook and Twitter.

2. A call for anti-corruption.
According to a 2008 report by UNIFEM, women are more vulnerable to the impact of corruption than men. This is particularly true of corruption in public service delivery. As women form a larger proportion of the poor and take primary responsibility for child care, they are more reliant on freely provided public services. As a result, corruption in public service delivery has a disproportionate impact on women.* The challenge is to create an app for Monitoring Good Governance and Transparency PlatformCorruption is the ultimate bane in the Philippines. Even the top officials in the land have not been spared by allegations of illegal use of public funds and personal enrichment at the expense of the ordinary Filipinos. It is widespread in public procurement, in customs collection and in the action of the authorities themselves. Public bidding in many cases is rigged and the speed of transactions is often dependent on the ‘pampadulas’ (money given under the table). The challenge is to crowd-source solutions that monitor public transactions while at the same time creating a platform that will allow citizens to directly act as watchdogs in the interest of good governance and transparency.

3. To encourage women and girls engagement in STEM.
Tools to make informed decisions related to critical aspects of their lives, including their health and in an age where many societal debates are linked to the risks and benefits of technological developments, women must be scientifically and technologically literate if they are to participate fully as citizens. Moreover, as more and more interactions go online, women and girls’ ability to engage with ICTs can create mechanisms to mobilize, build community, and advocate for their interests, rights and social transformation. The challenge is to address any or a combination of the many dimensions of getting girls and women in STEM in a way that responds to different types of access to ICTS such as a mobile app that teaches scientific concepts, or a game that inspires women to learn about her universe or a mobile app that connects a community of STEM girls to share stories.

What are you waiting for? Organize a team, register at and see you at the hack!


Are you ready for AngelHack Manila 2014?

The biggest hackathon in the world is back in Manila! Join your fellow developers at our new venue at A-Space Manila at 110 Legazpi St. Makati from July 26-27 2014 and get a chance to win awesome prizes! We’ve got cool devices up for grabs as well as the Grand Prize of being accepted into AngelHack’s Spring 2014 HACKcelerator program! The event is already sold out but if you want to know more: .

Hackathon Report: The first BitCoin Hackathon in Asia

We asked Ron Hose, co-founder of (the first BitCoin exchange in the Philippine) on his thoughts and motivations for the first BitCoin hackathon in Asia held at the heart of Ortigas CBD last March 1 and he said:

“We’re super excited about the applications of bitcoin in developing countries. We wanted to bring together developers, designers, and other creatives to generate ideas, and bring these ideas to life.
there were two main objectives –
1. get dev’s acquainted with bitcoin, and developing applications with bitcoin.
2. come up with ideas that utilize bitcoin to make a positive impact on the daily lives of filipinos.
We’re very happy with the results – the winning team created an app that not only has great positive impact – it enables anyone to easily donate bitcoin to any charity via their twitter account.”

2nd place went to the BitScholar team ( composed of Carl Alberto and Diony Fabilliar Guillen. BitScholar is a crowdfunding site for scholars using BitCoin to fund their academic dreams.

1st place went to Coins4Cause ( composed of Jay Ricky Villarante and Pio Lumongsod. Coins4Cause is a BitCoin donation aggregator for non-profits like Red Cross, Wikipedia Foundation and World Wildlife Fund.

The 1.0 BTC was split 75% and 25% respectively between the 1st place winner and the 2nd place winner. Not a shabby way to end a whole day hackathon for these pioneering BitCoin hackathoners. If you want to know more about BitCoin and how Coins.PH enables Filipinos to avail of it, check out this article on Rappler.

PWDO Caritakathon winners Foxfree team picks up its Nexus 7 and other prizes!

photo 1

The recent PWDO “Caritakathon” sponsored by Smart DevNet yielded a grand prize winner in the person of the “Foxfree” team for its web design for the Tondo Blessed Hope Bible Blessed Church. The winning design is up online at its own domain at .

Last night, members of the Foxfree team – Noni Devora and Robert Dominique Magboo dropped by our office to pick up their prizes. Here in the above photo, we see Paul Pajo of Smart DevNet presenting Noni and Robert with two Android tablets, a new edition Google Nexus 7 and a Lenovo tablet  – as well as a Smart Bro LTE Pocket Wi-Fi modem.

photo 5

Onward to more competitions to come!

Live from Palet Express: #ImagingHack fun with the Nokia Imaging API and the HERE Maps API

Here’s some pictures and videos from the Nokia Imaging Hack (special thanks to Microsoft, Nokia, HERE, Palet Express for the super space-y venue and SMART Bro for the super-fast connectivity).

Final 8 for #Hack2Help #AngelHack Davao

The Final 8 in no particular order: Rescue Point, Disaster Awareness and Relief System (DARS), K9Donations, Likay, iCalamity, Enlist, Disaster Buddy & Pledge2Help.

The Prizes:

The Teams:

Rescue Point ( and

Windows Phone 8 Application for Disaster. The mobile application routes map for various key points of the place using HERE Maps. The application utilizes the offline capability of HERE maps. It uses routing to direct volunteers, victims to nearest key points or as selected by the user. The application tracks dead bodies from location to location for family and relatives.

Disaster Awareness and Relief System (DARS) (

Provides victims and rescue agents with a systematic mobile and web platform that integrates pre, per and post disaster solutions by providing: 1. Live feed directly from PAG-ASA that notifies individuals of oncoming weather based disasters 2. A method for victims to indicate that they need help, which will be stored and indicated in a map system for rescue reference. 3. Guidelines for what actions to take once a disaster is announced, during a disaster and after a disaster. 4. Display locations of relief centers and establishments where victims can proceed to attain aid.

K9Donations (

This web-based app will track donations and send SMS to the donor of the whereabouts of the donation and will send SMS to the contact person of beneficiaries in affected areas of an incoming relief operation.

Likay (

Likay is a responsive web and mobile SMS app for disaster prevention and mitigation. It will utilize data from, and use SMS via Youphoric API for location-based alerts and notifications. As a crowdsourced app, registered users can also send their SMS ‘tweets’ which will then be posted real-time on the web front-end.

iCalamity (

Track the people close to you by sharing locations. Our search and rescue portal allows viewers to track and prioritize the deployment of manpower. Overseas Filipino Works can stay informed with their families from across the globe. Our app is an Android mobile app, jQuery Mobile platform using HERE API, and our own custom mobile SMS Api, combined to make a simple yet effective approach towards locating people. With, you will never have to face any calamity alone.

Julia of Enlist (

App that tests and reinforces first aid knowledge of volunteers.

Disaster Buddy (

This mobile application is a great companion for people who live in disaster prone areas as it solves several communication problems and guides you in the survival process.

Pledge2Help (

With climate change affecting the world, many countries have been devastated by natural calamities like storms, earthquakes, and many more. Despite the preparations that these countries’ government make, there will always be unforeseen incidents. Victims of these unforeseen incidents in natural calamities will need all the help they can get from all people who are willing to help. This application running on web and mobile is designed to be able to consolidate any help that people can provide, by gathering pledges for donations whether in cash or in kind. People can choose from among different pledge stations helping a calamity-stricken area, and donate money or goods. The pledge stations are recognized organizations that help distribute the donations to the victims. With this, proper distribution will be guaranteed and done in an efficient and effective manner.

Day 2 of #Hack2Help #AngelHackDavao

Live Blogging here in PLDT-SMART Ponciano Business Office here in Davao for the first ever App Hack Davao (powered by AngelHack) with the theme #Hack2Help.

There are 21 projects now on the page –

#AngelHackDavao (or #AngelHackDVO) in Instagram pictures (and a gunfight vid)!

Who will win in App Hack Davao this Fall 2013 edition? Stay Tuned!

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