[Featured Developer] Game Development with the CHIKKA API

chikka sms api

by Vic Vera

Ever wanted a phone number that can be programmed to respond to its users? Your own service that can be accessed by anyone via SMS? The Chikka API enables the developer to own a Chikka short code (i.e., a special phone number) that allows any person using Smart, Sun and other telco networks to send and receive messages to and from your own short code.

As long as your programming language has an HTTP POST request method, you can connect Chikka with your server and receive a JSON string containing the user’s message and phone number. You can also send messages to the user by sending a CURL request from your server to Chikka. With access to all major cellular networks, your reach is incredible.

To learn more visit the COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION here

What does Battleships feature on the Chikka API?

Battleships is an example of an app that would traditionally require an Internet connection for its services but is circumvented through SMS and the Chikka API. Imagine being able to use a Twitter app offline while still being able to send Tweets and receive Mentions, a weather app that could update itself via SMS, an emergency email on the go, or other services that would only require just enough data to fit inside the SMS body. If need be a bit more space in the SMS body, use compression techniques that comply with SMS encoding. The Chikka API enables the user to use SMS messaging as more than just a messaging app.

SOURCE CODE: https://github.com/vicboyv/Battleships & https://github.com/vicboyv/BattleshipsServer



TL;DR: If you haven’t registered yet, register now! http://tntdevchallenge2015.eventbrite.com – 13 more days to go!

Mobile Web and Content Developers! Be an Internet.org content partner! Create great local mobile websites for the Internet.org program and win cash prizes and gadgets! Join the TNT Mobile Web Dev Challenge, a competition open to all mobile web developers in the Philippines. Presented by Talk N’ Text, in collaboration with Internet.org by Facebook, and organized by SMART DevNet.

The Top 10 Projects for TALK ‘N TEXT MOBILE WEB DEVELOPER CHALLENGE will win an FbStart Bootstrap & Social Good memberships package worth 80K USD. This amazing opportunity will enable you to access useful mobile development with access to Facebook for mentorship.

To LEARN MORE, please see http://fbstart.com

Internet.org’s mission in the Philippines is to make the benefits of the internet more accessible and affordable to more Filipinos. SMART and Talk N’ Text are the Philippine carrier partners that worked with Facebook to bring Internet.org to the Philippines. Together we can help bring digital knowledge to more Filipinos who have never gone online before!   And we need more great local relevant content. Talk N’ Text is supporting agricultural and eco-tourism communities and needs your help creating relevant free mobile internet sites.

Here’s where you can use your talents to help out your country, and win prizes while doing it!

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Come up with great web ideas related to rural Livelihood generation (agriculture, grassroots tourism, ecofishing, small enterprise, cacao farming and etc.) Now imagine turning these ideas into mobile websites and spread knowledge by making them available to the public with zero data charges. You may refer below for more information on the challenge and the process on joining the online competition.

2. Form a web development team for the project or you can go solo. Typically this means you’ll need a developer, a content writer/editor, a UI designer, a visionary. Here’s a link to basic technical guidelines for Internet.org for developers:  https://developers.facebook.com/docs/internet-org/platform-technical-guidelines

Attend our PRE-EVENT on May 21, 2015 to learn more about Internet.org, developing for the platform, and know more about the challenges by listening to agriculture and eco-tourism resource experts. Pre-event details: http://bit.ly/preeventtntmobilewebdev

4. 20 teams will be chosen to come back on Pitch Day to DEMO the finished mobile sites to a panel of distinguished judges. 5 projects will be chosen, and each winning team will get to win:
•          A chance to have a coveted slot as an Internet.org partner
•          PHP 20,000 in cash
•          Android Phones
•          Prizes and Swag from TNT, Internet.org, and Facebook



1. Register as an individual or form a team of 2-5 members. Complete the registration form via https://tntdevchallenge2015.eventbrite.com. Don’t forget to submit your team name, team members and contact details.

2. Once you have registered, you can already start coding!

3. Once done, submit your entry to http://bit.ly/tntdevchallengesubmitentry. All entries must be submitted by 11:00 AM, JUNE 15, 2015.

On JUNE 18, 2015, we’ll reveal the Top 20 chosen teams or individuals who will join us on the PITCH DAY.

If you are part of the Top 20, we will see you at on June 23, 2015 for the Live Pitch and Q&A!



Build a website that will raise awareness, innovate and strengthen the livelihood  of the smallholder farmers and homemakers.

Sample Usecase:

  • A platform to enable the fishermen, farmers and homemakers to sell and promote a variety of homegrown products, not only in the Philippines but also in other neighboring countries.
  • A platform that will directly benefit the communities from the ECO TOURISM sector, wherein they can promote and inform prospect tourists of their capability. (e.g. Online booking / Directory Information)
  • A platform wherein the users can reach out & discuss ideas to a community of related interest.
  • A platform where the fishermen, farmers and homemakers can be reminded of the innvoation that’s readily available to guide them in their operations.
  • An informative platform that could be an avenue for the communities (e.g. farmers, fisherment, homemakers and others) to promote themselves and their campaigns/initiatives.


TECHNICAL APPLICATION Must follow the technical requirements for inclusion in Internet.org found at:



RELEVANCE The relevance of the project’s content to the selected target community. 40%
USER EXPERIENCE Usability of mobile website, considering both feature phone and smart phone users 30%


1. The challenge is open to individuals or teams with 2 to 5 members.
2. The project entry should not have been entered into a similar activity nor released in public prior to the related competition.


The Top 10 Projects for TALK ‘N TEXT MOBILE WEB DEVELOPER CHALLENGE will win an FbStart Bootstrap & Social Good memberships package worth 80K USD. This amazing opportunity will enable you to access useful mobile development with access to Facebook for mentorship.

To LEARN MORE, please see http://fbstart.com/

It’s time for #HackForHer – see you at the Spark a Smart Change Hackathon!

register now at http;//womenhackph.eventbrite.com

Register at http://womenhackph.eventbrite.com to join this Women Empowerment Hackathon

Are you interested in joining a women empowerment hackathon? You can still join! Register at:


We’d like to thank our friends from SPARK! for collaborating with SMARTDevNet with this hackathon.


Make It Happen is the 2015 theme Women’s Day 2015, encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women. This year’s Women’s Month celebration is especially significant as it marks 20 years since the United Nations laid down an agenda for women’s rights and gender equality in Beijing: the Beijing Platform for Action. In addition, 2015 is critical as the world seeks to define a new set of targets to succeed the Millennium Development Goals. SPARK! together with SMART Communications and the J. Amado Araneta Foundation join the call for women’s empowerment through ‘hacking the gender gap’.


1. A call for the creation of Safe Spaces and Safe communities of women
One out of 5 women in the Philippines fall prey to different types of violence. There are many areas such as in Metropolitan Manila where vulnerabilities of women are high due to lack of security and poor facilities. Yet, women still pass through or commute through these areas everyday. Stories of women being kidnapped and raped while passing these areas haunt the news at an increasingly alarming rate.As it stands, there are no online portals that allow women to anonymously report incidents of violence. There is also a lack of means to track ‘safe spaces’ for women to use as well as the lack of means to be warned when entering a ‘danger zone’. We are looking for an online platform that will allow women to report incidents of violence as well as be able to capacitate women to identify safe spaces and warn them from danger zones via SMS, email and even through Facebook and Twitter.

2. A call for anti-corruption.
According to a 2008 report by UNIFEM, women are more vulnerable to the impact of corruption than men. This is particularly true of corruption in public service delivery. As women form a larger proportion of the poor and take primary responsibility for child care, they are more reliant on freely provided public services. As a result, corruption in public service delivery has a disproportionate impact on women.* The challenge is to create an app for Monitoring Good Governance and Transparency PlatformCorruption is the ultimate bane in the Philippines. Even the top officials in the land have not been spared by allegations of illegal use of public funds and personal enrichment at the expense of the ordinary Filipinos. It is widespread in public procurement, in customs collection and in the action of the authorities themselves. Public bidding in many cases is rigged and the speed of transactions is often dependent on the ‘pampadulas’ (money given under the table). The challenge is to crowd-source solutions that monitor public transactions while at the same time creating a platform that will allow citizens to directly act as watchdogs in the interest of good governance and transparency.

3. To encourage women and girls engagement in STEM.
Tools to make informed decisions related to critical aspects of their lives, including their health and in an age where many societal debates are linked to the risks and benefits of technological developments, women must be scientifically and technologically literate if they are to participate fully as citizens. Moreover, as more and more interactions go online, women and girls’ ability to engage with ICTs can create mechanisms to mobilize, build community, and advocate for their interests, rights and social transformation. The challenge is to address any or a combination of the many dimensions of getting girls and women in STEM in a way that responds to different types of access to ICTS such as a mobile app that teaches scientific concepts, or a game that inspires women to learn about her universe or a mobile app that connects a community of STEM girls to share stories.

What are you waiting for? Organize a team, register at http://womenhackph.eventbrite.com and see you at the hack!

Are you ready for AngelHack Manila 2014?

The biggest hackathon in the world is back in Manila! Join your fellow developers at our new venue at A-Space Manila at 110 Legazpi St. Makati from July 26-27 2014 and get a chance to win awesome prizes! We’ve got cool devices up for grabs as well as the Grand Prize of being accepted into AngelHack’s Spring 2014 HACKcelerator program! The event is already sold out but if you want to know more: http://www.angelhack.com/event/angelhackmanilaspring-2014/ .

20.PH.NET & Beyond: A look at the future of Internet Services



Twenty years ago, on March 29, 1994, the Philippines was first directly connected to the Internet.

Yes, it was 20 years ago that a Philippine educational network called PhilNet connected to the Internet, paving the way for the establishment commercial ISPs and the widespread use of the Internet in the Philippines today, including an entire digital industry.

To commemorate this occasion, a series of events have been organized to give focus to the historical event. The anniversary is called “20.PH.NET” which refers to the “20th Anniversary of Philippine Internet.”

Various groups and communities around the Philippines are encouraged to organize their own events commemorating the anniversary in order to spread awareness of the milestone and encourage reflection on the state of the Internet in the Philippines today and where it should be going.

SMART DevNet is contributing by organizing an event to be held on the afternoon of March 29 to be targeted at the developer and startup community. The event is called “20.PH.NET & Beyond” and will focus on the Internet trends of TODAY that point towards the FUTURE.

This will be held at the JUMP Experience Center at the 4th level of SM Megamall from 1-4 PM on March 29, 2014.

Somewhat modeled after TED Talks, the event will include talks on the future of technology by various internet companies. We have invited some our technology partners to give their view on the future of various industries that have benefited from the internet. These range from online real estate, cloud computing, data security, transportation systems, to operating systems.

The target audience is our developer community and tech enthusiasts in general.

The event will be free of charge but attendance will require registration via Eventbrite. (http://20PHNET.eventbrite.com)

See you there! #20PHNET

Program Details: 20PHNET & BEYOND

12:30 – 1:15

Jim Ayson (Smart DevNet)
Introduction: 1:10-1:30

John Dang (ZipMatch)
The Future of Online Realty Services: 1:30-1:50

Milo Pacamarra (Trend Micro)
The Future of Internet Security: 1:50-2:10

Markku Lepisto (Amazon Web Services)
The Future of Cloud: 2:10-2:30

Douglas Ma (Uber)
Technology and its Impact on Transportation: 2:30-2:50

Edison Tan (Microsoft)
The Future of Operating Systems: 2:50-3:10

Wrap-up, Refreshments, Networking: 3:10-4:00



Hackathon Report: The first BitCoin Hackathon in Asia

We asked Ron Hose, co-founder of Coins.ph (the first BitCoin exchange in the Philippine) on his thoughts and motivations for the first BitCoin hackathon in Asia held at the heart of Ortigas CBD last March 1 and he said:

“We’re super excited about the applications of bitcoin in developing countries. We wanted to bring together developers, designers, and other creatives to generate ideas, and bring these ideas to life.
there were two main objectives –
1. get dev’s acquainted with bitcoin, and developing applications with bitcoin.
2. come up with ideas that utilize bitcoin to make a positive impact on the daily lives of filipinos.
We’re very happy with the results – the winning team created an app that not only has great positive impact – it enables anyone to easily donate bitcoin to any charity via their twitter account.”

2nd place went to the BitScholar team (http://bitscholar.azurewebsites.net/) composed of Carl Alberto and Diony Fabilliar Guillen. BitScholar is a crowdfunding site for scholars using BitCoin to fund their academic dreams.

1st place went to Coins4Cause (http://coins4cause.herokuapp.com/) composed of Jay Ricky Villarante and Pio Lumongsod. Coins4Cause is a BitCoin donation aggregator for non-profits like Red Cross, Wikipedia Foundation and World Wildlife Fund.

The 1.0 BTC was split 75% and 25% respectively between the 1st place winner and the 2nd place winner. Not a shabby way to end a whole day hackathon for these pioneering BitCoin hackathoners. If you want to know more about BitCoin and how Coins.PH enables Filipinos to avail of it, check out this article on Rappler.

Guest Blog: Send an SMS using SMART DevNet’s API Console by Aaron Cajes

We’re featuring Aaaron Cajes’ blog post from his site http://aaroncajes.com where he walks developers through how you can send an SMS using the SMARTDevNet API. Here’s a bit of a background of who Aaron is before we go to his post.

1. Where are you working now? And what’s your background?

I’m currently taking my internship at Smart Communications Inc and currently deployed at Voyager Innovations Inc. On the weekend, I do some volunteer work with the Mozilla Philippines Community where I give talks about Firefox OS on different places and schools.

2. What’s your technology stack? What kind of dev tools do you like to use?
I build mobile apps using Web Technologies. And all of my apps are built using the same technology stack.

3. What projects have your worked on?
My latest app is #AlertPH a cross platform emergency app directory. It’s available in the App Store, Google Play , BlackBerry World and Firefox Marketplace.

4. Can you suggest projects devs can do with the SMARTDevNet freemium API?
The SMARTDevNet Freemium API is an exciting service for every developers to play with. It’s free and has an awesome API Console to get started. While it’s true that their Freemium API is only limited to your Smart mobile phone, you can explore and try out possible opportunities with your existing apps. You can even think of a new innovations that will take advantage of Smarts’ APIs without even sacrificing a single peso.

5. What are your favorite APIs. If SMARTDevNet would release a new API what should it be? Why?
My favorite API would be the SMS API because you only have to pay for the volume you will be consuming. You don’t even have to buy any hardware just to send an SMS. SMS is just a code away.
I think SMART DevNet should release a payment API, where user can use their existing load to pay a certain service. It will help a lot of Filipino developers’ earn from Smart subscribers.

Here’s Aaaron’s guest blog post:

Send an SMS using SMART DevNet’s API Console

SMART DevNet has opened up their API together with the SMART API Console (Powered byAPIGEE) last December 2013 for everyone to use, for free. Right now, everyone will get an access to their FREEMIUM API which means you can only send an SMS using your SMART mobile number. It’s not bad if you want to try out the API and get started developing an app or website service that offers an SMS/MMS feature.

At the end of this post, you will learn how to:

  • Create your own SMART DevNet account
  • Register an app/website name and bind your SMART number with that app
  • Get to know your App’s API information
  • Hack the API Console

You will need:

  • SMART powered phone (I used my SMART Prepaid number. I haven’t personally tried Talk N’ Text, SUN or RED Mobile)
  • Your favorite text editor (I used Notepad during my first trials of the API Console)
  • Your favorite web browser (I used Firefox *wink*)

Follow these steps!

Step 1: Visit http://developer.smart.com.ph


From here you can register for a SMART DevNet account and get to read some API docs, register an app and try out the API Console. On the top of the page, click the red “Register” button to get started.

Step 2: Fill out the forms


You can also register using your Facebook or Google account.

Still hoping forhttp://persona.org support in the future =p

Step 3: Log-in

Once logged in, just click the “Freemium API’s” option in the top menu navigation.

Step 4: Create an app


You will be needing a SMART Prepaid/Postpaid number here.


Take note, you can’t change your Smart mobile number once you’ve confirmed that number during the app’s registration.

Also you can’t change your app’s name. The only information you can always change in your app is your callback URL.

Step 5: Your App’s Dashboard


If you have been successful in the past steps, then you can finally take a peek at your Application’s dashboard. This dashboard holds the information that you will use in the API Console.

You will copy and paste some information from this dashboard to the API console.

Step 6: Using the API Console: OAuth Authorize


Click the left arrow in the API console to open the console drawer, and select OAuth Authorize.

In the QUERY tab, you will find:

  • client_id
  • client_secret
  • scope
  • redirect_uri
  • response_type

Now, match the form using the information from your Application’s dashboard:

  • Consumer key
  • Consumer secret key
  • Put “SMS” without the “
  • Callback URL in this format: http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com/callbackurl ( You will observe that i have removed the HTTP and /)
  • Leave it as it is.

And press SEND. This will generate a hyperlink in the response window. Open a new tab in your browser and paste that generated hyperlink, then you will be redirected to a page where you will input the mobile number you’ve used in the app registration (Don’t have a my.Smart account).

It will ask for yet another confirmation code. Once you got that right, it will redirect you to another page and will ask for authorization. Just click the “Allow button” and again, will redirect you to another page. But this time, you will get “PAGE NOT FOUND” error.

(Note: What’s with the “PAGE NOT FOUND” ? It’s because for the sake of the demo, i’m not using a REAL callback URL thus this is the system’s reaction on fake callback links. If you’re working on a real app, you must provide a working Callback URL.)


You will notice this paragraph:
The requested page “/www.smart.com.ph%3Fscope%3DSMS%26state%3Dnull%26code%3DXXXXXXXX” could not be found.
Copy and paste the code after the %3D… This code will be useful in the next step. (WARNING: DO NOT INCLUDE THE %3D in your code, just the characters AFTER and before ” is YOUR code.)
Save that code in your favorite text editor as Code: XXXXXXXX.
Step 7: Getting your token

Now that you have your code,  hover your mouse to TOOLS > and click API CONSOLE then it will redirect the page to the API Console. Now press the arrow button to open the console drawer and press “OAuth Get Access Token”


In the QUERY tab, you will find:

  • client_id
  • client_secret
  • scope
  • redirect_uri
  • grant_type
  • code

Similar to the first QUERY tab, match the form using the information from your Application’s dashboard:

  • Consumer key
  • Consumer secret key
  • Put “SMS” without the “
  • Callback URL in this format: http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com ( You will observe that i have removed the HTTP and /)
  • Leave it as it is.
  • Code (Remember that we saved that code in our notepad? Just get the 8 character code and paste it)

Now press “SEND

The response window will generate a JSON data. We will only need this:

  "OAuth20": {
    "access_token": {
      "token": "<TOKEN GENERATED>",
      "refresh_token": "<TOKEN GENERATED>",
      "expires_in": "<TOKEN EXPIRATION>"

We will only need the TOKEN code in the next step.

Take Note: Every information generated in this JSON file is important. We will only use theTOKEN code for demo purposes.

Step 8: Send SMS

Now, press f5 on your keyboard to reload the page. Once reloaded, open the console drawer and select “Send SMS


In the TEMPLATE tab and change the senderAddress information to SMS Access Code (This code can be found in your app’s dashboard)

Select the HEADERS tab and change the Authorization information to: Bearer <SPACE>TOKEN

Now select the BODY tab and select the TEXT field and find this text and change the values to:

  • message“: “Hello SMART DevNet! It works!

and press “SEND

You will receive an SMS within 30 seconds. If nothing happens then…

  1. You’re not following the instructions.
  2. Network delays
  3. Server delays

But as you can see, it works.


Congratulations! You have successfully sent an SMS using SMART DevNet’s API Console!!! Now what?

BONUS STEP: Confirm if the SMS request was sent successfully.


Save the JSON data generated from “Send SMS”:

“resourceURL”: “”

Open the console drawer and select “Send SMS

Select the TEMPLATE tab and change the

  • senderAddress to your Apps’ SMS ACCESS CODE.
  • requestId to the link generated from the JSON file. It’s usually the longest number in the link.

Select the HEADERS tab and change the

  • Authorization to BEARER <SPACE> TOKEN

and press “SEND

If you see this JSON data on the Response window:

"deliveryInfoList": { "resourceURL": "", "deliveryInfo": [ { "address": "6392XXXXXXXX", "deliveryStatus": "DeliveredToTerminal" } ]

Then we can say that your SMS was sent successfully! AWW YEAH!

That’s it! At first, the console may be tricky but you will get it at the long run.

And oh, if you’re looking for a SMART PREMIUM API or have any questions in mind about their API, you may want to send an e-mail to the DevNet team: appspartner@smart.com.ph

Join the SMART Developer Network facebook group here.

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