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We’d like to thank our friends from SPARK! for collaborating with SMARTDevNet with this hackathon.


Make It Happen is the 2015 theme Women’s Day 2015, encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women. This year’s Women’s Month celebration is especially significant as it marks 20 years since the United Nations laid down an agenda for women’s rights and gender equality in Beijing: the Beijing Platform for Action. In addition, 2015 is critical as the world seeks to define a new set of targets to succeed the Millennium Development Goals. SPARK! together with SMART Communications and the J. Amado Araneta Foundation join the call for women’s empowerment through ‘hacking the gender gap’.


1. A call for the creation of Safe Spaces and Safe communities of women
One out of 5 women in the Philippines fall prey to different types of violence. There are many areas such as in Metropolitan Manila where vulnerabilities of women are high due to lack of security and poor facilities. Yet, women still pass through or commute through these areas everyday. Stories of women being kidnapped and raped while passing these areas haunt the news at an increasingly alarming rate.As it stands, there are no online portals that allow women to anonymously report incidents of violence. There is also a lack of means to track ‘safe spaces’ for women to use as well as the lack of means to be warned when entering a ‘danger zone’. We are looking for an online platform that will allow women to report incidents of violence as well as be able to capacitate women to identify safe spaces and warn them from danger zones via SMS, email and even through Facebook and Twitter.

2. A call for anti-corruption.
According to a 2008 report by UNIFEM, women are more vulnerable to the impact of corruption than men. This is particularly true of corruption in public service delivery. As women form a larger proportion of the poor and take primary responsibility for child care, they are more reliant on freely provided public services. As a result, corruption in public service delivery has a disproportionate impact on women.* The challenge is to create an app for Monitoring Good Governance and Transparency PlatformCorruption is the ultimate bane in the Philippines. Even the top officials in the land have not been spared by allegations of illegal use of public funds and personal enrichment at the expense of the ordinary Filipinos. It is widespread in public procurement, in customs collection and in the action of the authorities themselves. Public bidding in many cases is rigged and the speed of transactions is often dependent on the ‘pampadulas’ (money given under the table). The challenge is to crowd-source solutions that monitor public transactions while at the same time creating a platform that will allow citizens to directly act as watchdogs in the interest of good governance and transparency.

3. To encourage women and girls engagement in STEM.
Tools to make informed decisions related to critical aspects of their lives, including their health and in an age where many societal debates are linked to the risks and benefits of technological developments, women must be scientifically and technologically literate if they are to participate fully as citizens. Moreover, as more and more interactions go online, women and girls’ ability to engage with ICTs can create mechanisms to mobilize, build community, and advocate for their interests, rights and social transformation. The challenge is to address any or a combination of the many dimensions of getting girls and women in STEM in a way that responds to different types of access to ICTS such as a mobile app that teaches scientific concepts, or a game that inspires women to learn about her universe or a mobile app that connects a community of STEM girls to share stories.

What are you waiting for? Organize a team, register at and see you at the hack!


2012: The Year In DevNet. A Year of Applied Geekdom.


Doing your 2013 planning does force you to revisit the past. In our case, working on SMART DevNet’s 2013 events calendar has gotten us nostalgic for those heady days of 2012, when we were just in the midst of forming our fledgling community. So a quick wrap up of events is probably in order so we can focus on the year ahead.

The proposal to create a SMART Developer Community was floated in late 2011. Global operators like Telefonica, AT&T, and Vodafone had shown the potential of crowdsourcing product innovation through developer communities, and it was high time that Smart had its wn developer program. Thus the “Developer Community” initiative was born and for a brief time we called it “SDN” (for SMART Developer Network) before settling on the snappier name “SMART Devnet.”

It was really in 2012 that Smart DevNet grew quickly from an idea to a full fledged community energized by periodic events and online interaction. It took quite a few fits and starts to figure out the task that lay ahead but by May we were ready.

One type of developer event that we gravitated to the most was the “hackathon“.- The hacks we had experienced as observers were intense, compact affairs (from concept to coding, to presentation and judging in a highly compressed timeframe) that were more exciting than the developer competitions of old.

So our first public foray as “Smart DevNet” was a hackathon we produced for the Ideaspace Foundation during the first run of the Ideaspace Technopreneur Bootcamp series called “IdeaSpace Ateneo” (held obviously, at the Ateneo de Manila) on June 2.


But it was at our maiden developer event called “HTML5 DevDay Davao” held at the University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City on July 21 that things really began to fly. It was a whole day event that focused on HTML5 mobile app development. HTML5 is heavily championed by mobile industry associations like the GSMA, mainly for cross-platform development. This event played up the theme, and consisted of a series of tech talks capped with a three-hour hackathon.

By today’s standards, 3 hours doesn’t seem like a lot of time to get an app off the ground,. And maybe it wan’t. But our first hackathon did produce an interesting winner in  Rolly Ruerte  and his team. Rolly, a fisherman’s son whose idea for an Android app front end to the DOST’s Project Noah weather application got him in the papers – eventually ended up with him developing the actual official android app for the DOST.

Project Noah for Android is one of the most downloaded pinoy apps on the Google Play app store, at around 44,500 downloads so far.

HTML5 DevDay Davao can also be marked as the real birthdate of Smart Devnet, because it was on the day of the event, July 21, that we also debuted the SMART DevNet brand logo, and a whole slew of items bearing the logo – such as the first version of the iconic black Smart Devnet “Geek” t-shirt.


Things moved along at a fast clip after that birth event. Here are the highlights of 2012, from events conceptualized and produced by Smart in partnership with other developer organizations, to support and sponsorship of third party events:

Produced Events:

HTML5 DevDay Davao (July 2012)
Smart Devnet1000 Meetup (Sept 2012)
SmartActs Cebu: A Hackathon for Social Good (Sept 2012)
HTML5 DevDay Bacolod (Oct 2012)
Unity Gamejam: Benilde (October 2012)
IRRI “Bigas” Hackathon (Nov 2012)
Appy Birthday Android (Nov 2012)
Foursquare Hack Day PH (Dec 2012)

Sponsored Events:

Google I/O Extended (Manila, Cebu) – (June 2012)
Google Apps Developer Challenge (Manila, Zamboanga, Cebu, Bacolod, Davao, Baguio) July 2012
Drupal Philippines Meetup – Sept 2012
GDG DevFest Philippines – Aug 2012
Webgeek DevCup – Aug 2012
Form Function and Class – Nov 2012
Rails Girls – Nov 2012

2012 culminated with one of our biggest developer events, Foursquare Hack Day, which brought DevNet together with our partner WebGeek and the team from Foursquare in NYC to produce one big location-based hack, the first of its kind outside the USA. We got a lot of kudos from Foursquare for that one.


Also during our birth year, we setup our online presence – the Smart DevNet website, and as is de rigueur nowadays, our social media community touchpoints on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

It’s been a helluva year… but having laid the foundations and getting a community going, we’re rolling up our sleeves for 2013!


Expect more events produced with our technology partners, a heavy focus on APIs, and advocacies like mobile health apps and game development. As in 2012, we will continue to sponsor 3rd party developer communities whenever shared goals and our budgets converge. And as in the past year, expect more things to take place outside “Imperial Manila” – because we believe a Philippine tech ecosystem covers the whole archipelago, not just one metropolitan area.

We’ve done our bit to contributing to the local tech ecosystem – and we hope we can do more in the year ahead.

As a man named Stan once said, Excelsior!

SMART DevNet and DevCon present Eden Hackathon Benilde

Calling all developers! You can now register for the Eden Hackathon Benilde here !

Eden Hackathon Benilde takes place on November 16 at the De La Salle-Collage of St. Benilde. This is a one-day hackathon presented by SMART DevNet (SMART Developer Network), SMART Communications Inc.’s developer community for its technology platform, DevCon (Developer Connect) and De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in cooperation with its Information Systems Department, Project Management (PRJ-MGT) Section TO0B and the Association of Information Management (AIM).

Eden Hackathon Benilde focuses on the Eden PHP library created by OpenOvate ( ) which allows developers to do rapid prototyping in PHP for Internet Platforms and APIs for popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Drive, Google+, PayPal and Amazon. We’re inviting PHP developers to experience the power of the Eden PHP Library and show off the what they can do!

Eden Hacakthon Benilde is open to all developers: students, teachers and professionals. This is a FREE event, no charge for admission, but registration is required. For further details, check out the hackathon’s EventBrite page.

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