Hackathon Report: The first BitCoin Hackathon in Asia

We asked Ron Hose, co-founder of Coins.ph (the first BitCoin exchange in the Philippine) on his thoughts and motivations for the first BitCoin hackathon in Asia held at the heart of Ortigas CBD last March 1 and he said:

“We’re super excited about the applications of bitcoin in developing countries. We wanted to bring together developers, designers, and other creatives to generate ideas, and bring these ideas to life.
there were two main objectives –
1. get dev’s acquainted with bitcoin, and developing applications with bitcoin.
2. come up with ideas that utilize bitcoin to make a positive impact on the daily lives of filipinos.
We’re very happy with the results – the winning team created an app that not only has great positive impact – it enables anyone to easily donate bitcoin to any charity via their twitter account.”

2nd place went to the BitScholar team (http://bitscholar.azurewebsites.net/) composed of Carl Alberto and Diony Fabilliar Guillen. BitScholar is a crowdfunding site for scholars using BitCoin to fund their academic dreams.

1st place went to Coins4Cause (http://coins4cause.herokuapp.com/) composed of Jay Ricky Villarante and Pio Lumongsod. Coins4Cause is a BitCoin donation aggregator for non-profits like Red Cross, Wikipedia Foundation and World Wildlife Fund.

The 1.0 BTC was split 75% and 25% respectively between the 1st place winner and the 2nd place winner. Not a shabby way to end a whole day hackathon for these pioneering BitCoin hackathoners. If you want to know more about BitCoin and how Coins.PH enables Filipinos to avail of it, check out this article on Rappler.


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