PWDO Caritakathon winners Foxfree team picks up its Nexus 7 and other prizes!

photo 1

The recent PWDO “Caritakathon” sponsored by Smart DevNet yielded a grand prize winner in the person of the “Foxfree” team for its web design for the Tondo Blessed Hope Bible Blessed Church. The winning design is up online at its own domain at .

Last night, members of the Foxfree team – Noni Devora and Robert Dominique Magboo dropped by our office to pick up their prizes. Here in the above photo, we see Paul Pajo of Smart DevNet presenting Noni and Robert with two Android tablets, a new edition Google Nexus 7 and a Lenovo tablet  – as well as a Smart Bro LTE Pocket Wi-Fi modem.

photo 5

Onward to more competitions to come!


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