#Hack4Good: Giving Developers a Chance to Help the Survivors of #YolandaPH


Like practically every Filipino, we’ve been wondering how we can best help the efforts to provide relief to the survivors of Typhoon #YolandaPH. Should we donate cash, canned goods, clothing? As technologists, can we actually use our talents to help?

Recently we got wind of the efforts of Dan Cunningham, of the group Geeklist, who has formed a virtual project team called #Hack4Good through the geek social network, with the objective of creating tech solutions to help the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. Call it a global hackathon with a purpose of the noblest order.

I received an update email from Dan this morning, chronicling the progress of the team so far, and am reposting it here with his permission:

From: Dan Cunningham <dan@geekli.st>

Hello hackers, designers, developers, volunteers and tech leaders!
First of all: THANK YOU for joining this Emergency #hack4good and being part of it.
The response from the whole tech community and how we’ve united together to help the people of the Philippines is just incredible, awe-inspiring in fact.
We now count 228 hackers strong and have an incredible 14 projects in various stages of development.
From Kat who initiated this #hack4good from Paris, Gia at the Presidential Office in the Philippines and the whole Geeklist #hack4good team, we are deeply grateful for the huge amount of talent, energy and compassion that you are all pouring into these projects.
Many of you have been with us since Thursday evening when we launched this, and many more have joined in the last 24-48 hours.
And the world is watching to see what we can do.
I want to provide you all with some clear information: here is what you need to know depending on your current level of involvement:
New joiners:
Projects still need people!
1. First follow the instructions at the top of the Hackathon page – Geeklist Hackathon page
2. List your skills here so project leaders can find you – Volunteer Skills for Team Building (Google Doc)
3. Reach out to project leaders (Projects Tracker Google Doc) on projects you want to help on and see how you can help
4. Meet people, discuss ideas and find out what projects need help in Hipchat
If you are currently leading on a project:
1. Make sure your project is listed on the Geeklist Hackathon page to spread awareness
2. Make sure the details of your project are listed on the Emergency Hack4good Projects Tracker (Google Doc) – including who is on your team, technology stack, next tasks, who is needed and your latest progress – email me if you need access
3. If you need people to help, use the Volunteer Skills for Team Building (Google Doc) or Hipchat
4. If you haven’t spoken to one of us in the last 24 hours – of if you are having any challenges or need anything – get in touch and we’ll have a Skype chat. We can connect you with government, non-profits working on the ground, data sources, APIs, hosting providers, people with specific skills, etc.
5. Good coordination of your team is key – let us know if you need any help with that – there are lots of tools that can help!
If you have an idea:
1. Read through the “Rules” tab on the Geeklist Hackathon page for guidance on how to get started
2. Make sure to review what is already out there (Resources Google Doc) – there may be an existing solution you can repurpose or integrate with
3. Once you’ve got a few people in your team and created a project, let us know and we’ll give you access to add your project’s details to the Emergency Hack4good Projects Tracker (Google Doc)
If you are currently on a team:
1. Just keep hacking, collaborating, helping each other!! Get something out then iterate.
2. If you don’t have a project leader, step up and lead! We are here to help and support you with it. This hackathon is about making things happen and providing solutions that help people – they do not need to be perfect, they just need to work!
1. Resources – Check out and add to the growing “Resources” document (Google Doc) – it lists latest news, data sources, information, crowdsourced maps, existing solutions, APIs you can use – lots of useful stuff!
2. Keep spreading the word and sharing what you are doing – follow and use hashtags #hack4good #YolandaPH on Twitter (do not use ReliefPH – that is for people who have urgent needs for relief!)
We are incredibly proud to be bringing this community together, and we are here to support you to have a huge positive impact.
Millions of people need us right now and we can make a big difference – in the current situation and in future emergencies too.
Keep hacking!
– Dan, Jedi, Reuben, Kat, Gia
Emergency Geeklist #hack4good Team for #YolandaPH

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