4SQPhilippines’ graphics celebrate the #4SQHackPH winners

One of the more ardent supporters of our recently concluded Foursquare Hack Day Philippines event (also known as the hashtag #4SQHackPH) is 4SQPhilippines, a rabid local group of Foursquare fans and the undisputed local experts on all things Foursquare.

The group has been creating cool mini graphics posted on their Instagram accounts promoting the event. One of the more well known ones highlighted the event’s subtext, “Developers are the new Rock Stars.”


And we do agree! Developers are the crucial figures in the modern Apps Economy.

Rockstars need their awards too, so we’re glad that the 4SQPhilippines crew have seen fit to pay them tribute through the following graphics spotted on Instagram:

1st Place: 'PicXplorer' by Team AAA #4SQHackPH

A post shared by 4SQPhilippines (@4sqphilippines) on

2nd Place: '8 Small Things' by Team Zinder #4SQHackPH

A post shared by 4SQPhilippines (@4sqphilippines) on

Congratulations to all the winners and participant of #4SQHackPH !


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