SMARTDevNet at the DevCon Code Challenge Cup (C-Cup) 2012 at Xavier HS MPH

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Too many hackathons? Not into pitching to judges & getting stymied onstage with questions that you probably think only the judge understood? Here’s a developer event alternative for you – a code challenge that will challenge your programming “skillz” (as Napoleon Dynamite would have it) without you having to deal with stage fright. This is not for the faint of heart though – DevCon patterned this after the ACM competition (see here the 2012 problems so you know what you’ll have to deal with). Did you read through that and you think the coding was going to be easy? Then code challenges might just be for you! For this iteration, icanhass inc. and their three teams SWEEPED the podium with a 1,2 and 3 finish in the professional division.  Here are the results via JR Yap of DevCon and also some pix:

Congratulations to the Code Challenge Cup (C-Cup) winners and participants.


Grand Champion: Tinapay (#1), icannhas (PRO)
– Joseph Jesneil Montalbo
– Ralph Rainiel Pineda
– Julian Villaruz
* P21,000 cash + trophy

First Runner-up: Johncannhas (#46), icannhas (PRO)
– John Eddie Ayson
– John Ruperto Celis
– Abel Luis Santos
* P9,000 cash + trophy

Second Runner-up: Two Boys One Girl in C-Cup (#14), icannhas (PRO)
– Neil Armin Bande
– Thomas James Mendoza
– Neil John Ortega
* P6,000 cash + trophy


Champion: Perpendicular (#21), ADMU
– Mark Joshua Tan
– Vernon Gutierrez
– Jonathan Wong
* P3,000 cash + trophy

First Runner-up: Quiwarriors 3: BaBe Vidal (#40), UP Diliman
– John Patrick Baduria
– Neil Irwin Bernardo
– Adrian Vidal

Second Runner-up: Quiwarriors 2: December 1993 (#20), UP Diliman
– Bryan Edward Ayson
– Jose Daniel Berba
– Immanuel Encarnacion


Champion: Progxercise (#33), ADMU
– Marco Daniel de Santos
– Armando Jose Castelo
– Victor Antonio Ortega
* P3,000 cash + trophy

First Runner-up: PSHS-MC Kiddies (#10), PSHS
– Quinito Miguel Baula
– Bianca Mae Malaluan
– Bianca Patricia Cacnio

Second Runner-up: DDR (#25), ADMU
– Jose Enrico Buenaflor Tiongson
– David Martin Alikpala Cuajunco
– Dave Joseph Solito Oblena

Second Runner-up: Treslas (#28), XS Greenhills
– Bryan Perry Giger
– Daniel Paul Uy
– Peter Nicholas Onglao

To give you an idea what kind of competition you’re in for (there is a high school and college division btw), here’s the list of competitors for this year’s C-Cup according to the DevCon site:

1. +10 Ultimate Orb (Professional) Ateneo de Manila University
2. Abo (Professional) Mixed – Various
3. AdDU YuMMY (College) Ateneo de Davao University
4. Bear (Professional) Ateneo de Manila University
5. Borg (Professional) Mixed – Various
6. Carmiel (College) Ateneo de Manila University
7. Codex Scientia (College) University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Las Piñas Campus
8. Coding Ako Pag Friday (Professional) Mixed – Various
9. Compass (College) Technological University of the Philippines
10. DDR (HS) Ateneo de Manila HS
11. DLSU2COOKIE (College) De La Salle University
12. DLSU-CTC (Professional) De La Salle University
13. DLSU-DHL (College) De La Salle University
14. DLSU-DOG (College) De La Salle University
15. DLSU-ELM (College) De La Salle University
16. Galleta de Gato (College) Ateneo de Manila University
17. Happy 3 Friends (Professional) Mixed – Various
18. Johncannhas (Professional) icannhas inc
19. Ko (Professional) Mixed – Various
20. LoGiK (Professional) Mixed – Various
21. Lopefied (Professional) Philippine Android Developers Community
22. Panda (College) De La Salle University – Dasmarinas
23. Penguin (College) Ateneo de Manila University
24. Perpendicular (College) Ateneo de Manila University
25. Pilot (Professional) Mixed – Various
26. Progxercise (HS) Ateneo de Manila HS
27. PSHS-MC Kiddies (HS) Philippine Science High School – QC
28. PSHS-MC Kiddos (HS) Philippine Science High School – QC
29. Quiwarriors 2: December 1993 (College) UP Diliman
30. Quiwarriors 3: BaBe Vidal (College) UP Diliman
31. Russell (Professional) Ateneo de Manila University
32. Second Floor (Professional) Mixed – Various
33. Shylock’s Defense (HS) Xavier School Greenhills
34. Squad (HS) Xavier School Greenhills
35. Team China (Professional) icannhas inc
36. Team Valdez (Professional) Agoo Computer College
37. Team Vishnu (Professional) Mixed – Various
38. Teletubbies Reborn (College) Mapua – Makati
39. The Code Breakers (Professional) University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Las Piñas Campus
40. The J Factor (College) University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Las Piñas Campus
41. Tinapay (Professional) icannhas inc
42. Too Small (College) Ateneo de Manila University
43. Treslas (HS) Xavier School Greenhills
44. Two Boys One Girl (Professional) icannhas inc
45. VIGATTIN (Professional) Mixed – Various


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