DevNet Live! goes live at the FourSquare pre-hackathon meetup

So we’ve decided here on SMARTDevNet to have fairly regular hangouts via DevNet Live! Here’s our edited first episode and if you have any suggestions on what we should cover and who we should invite to the hangout then just tweet us at @smartdevnet or join the fun at our Facebook Group. For our first episode, we interview ‘s head honcho – John Arce and we also get to eavesdrop at the pre-hackathon preparations for the FourSquare Hack Day happening on December 1 at the Jump Experience Center. Here’s the first ever DevNet Live! Google Hangout on YouTube:

Here’s some pictures from the FourSquare pre-hackathon meetup at Jump Experience Center:

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The FourSquare Pre-Hackathon meetup held last November 21 at the Jump Experience Center organized by in partnership with SMARTDevNet had Bryan Bibat talk about hackathon basics with his talk “Hackathon 101”. Miguel Paraz followed Bryan with his talk on mobile app development using APIS while Radamanthus “Rad” Batnag was on had to give information on the Corona SDK. JuanDroid and GoRated.PH’s Ragde Falcis capped up the pre-hackathon meetup with case studies on how to use the FourSquare API.


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