And the winners of SMART DevNet and DevCon’s “Eden Hackathon Benilde” are …

SMARTDevNet & DevCon presents Eden Hackathon Benilde web banner

SMARTDevNet & DevCon presents Eden Hackathon Benilde

Planned to coincide with the I.S. Week (Information Systems Week) celebrations at the DLS-CSB Campus last November 16 2012, Eden Hackathon Benilde is a one-day hackathon presented by SMARTDevNet (SMART Developer Network), SMART Communications Inc.’s developer community for its technology platform, DevCon(Developer Connect) and De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in cooperation with its Information Systems DepartmentProject Management (PRJ-MGT) Section TO0B and the Association of Information Management (AIM). Eden Hackathon Benilde focuses on the Eden PHP library created by OpenOvate ( which allows developers to do rapid prototyping in PHP for Internet Platforms and APIs for popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Drive, Google g+, PayPal and Amazon.

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The event marked the first time that OpenOvate demonstrated Amazon API integration via their vaunted Eden PHP Library. The other OpenOvate developers – Clark Galgo, Dan Molina, Symon Buenavista & Erwin Seribo took turns with OpenOvate founder and CTO Christian Blanquera. Even & GoRated.PH’s Ragde Falcis was on-hand to mentor the teams who had 2.5 hours to create API mash-ups after the API integration demos. Symon was even seeing tinkering with the SMART APIs as Bobbie Rebultan & Cyrus Vendivil from the SMARTDevNet Demo API team was also in attendance for those developers who wanted to mash-up with the SMART SMS/MMS APIs. Maddie Fernandez from SMART’s Technical Recruitment also gave a short talk before the lunch break on the internship & employment opportunities for those interested to pursue a career on ICT.

And here are your winners:

FIRST PLACE (wins an Samsung Galaxy SIII)

App Name: iSearch
Description: In this app you can search your desired object in Google shop. Facebook and Twitter will show the feedback. It retrieves all data from the 3 sites. By this app your desired object is easier to find because the 3 is combined together.
Team Name: Summit

Migelle Luigi Dawis Ramos
Fajardo Francis
Klinton Haw

Amandeep Saini

SECOND PLACE (wins a cash prize of 2,000 PHP)

App Name: GossipGirl
Description: View latest news/rumors/chismis
Team Name: JACK
Cza Bongat
Jazmin Galvez
Kriztal Jimenez
Arbie MontesinesTHIRD PLACE (wins a cash prize of 1,000 PHP)
App Name: PostACode
Description: A place to post your codes, to look for an answer, to criticize, and to rate and to suggest ideas for one another.
Team Name: BOOM!
Mike Lau
Marcus Ang
Geryl Jan Gonido
Chadwyn Gonzales

The iSearch team won on the strength of their API mash-up of the Google Store and Twitter API. They even tried to integrate it with the Facebook API so that they could post it on their Facebook news feed but with only 2.5 hours, probably ran out of time. The judges from DevCon were Haifa Carina, Alvin Edwald Chan & Terence Ponce. Bryan Bibat dropped by to assist with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits generously donated by Franco Eisma of Special thanks to the PRJ-MGT class of Jake Castro led by their project manager Kayla Suarez along with the professional organization of the Information Systems (I.S.) department of DLS-CSB – the Association for Information Management (AIM) and the I.S. department led by Ebenezer Uy. Who knew you could write create API mash-ups in just 2.5 hours? That’s something to JUMP ABOUT!

If you want to try out OpenOvate’s Eden PHP Libary just go to for a comprehensive list of their API integrations. Also, check out some of the codes that they shared during the pre-hackathon talks:

Twitter API:

Facebook API:

More Facebook API integration:

FQL (Facebook Query Language):

Google Drive:

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

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