Appy Birthday Android! Pinoys Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Android

In case you didn’t know, (and if you didn’t, you sure know now!) Android just celebrated its 5th Birthday on November 5, 2012. To mark this occasion, SMART DevNet and Google Developer Group (GDG) Philippines have organized a small party set for Friday, November 9, 2012.  

The event, dubbed “Appy Birthday Android” (that’s a pun, not a typo!) will be held at the JUMP experience center at Cyberzone on the 4th level of SM Megamall. JUMP has a lot of cool projection equipment and fast bandwidth which makes it ideal for this event. Click here for a location map to JUMP. 

What’s in store for the Appy Birthday Android event? Just about what you’d expect from any 5-year old’s party – with some geek modifications!

For starters, we’ll start with some greetings from reps of GDG and Smart DevNet to kick off the proceedings. As a special treat, Uttam Tripathi, Developer Relations program manager of Google India will be also giving a welcome talk via Google Hangout. 

We’ve also invited some Android apps developers to show off their creations. Presenting are the teams of Instapatrol, Events Kit, MRT Trackr, and PUP Portal. 

All tickets to the event (distributed via EventBrite) are  already sold out, but there will be a special Google Hangout on Air link announced to allow people at home to catch live streams of the goings-on, broadcast live on YouTube. Monitor the SMART DevNet YouTube channel to catch these live streams. Keep posted on SMART DevNet’s Facebook group for schedules of the streams.

And to cap it off, what would 5-year old’s birthday part be without the ceremonial blowing of candles on a birthday cake? Expect a birthday cake to figure in this event somewhere!

The Twitter hashtag to monitor for the event is #AndroidBdayPH .

A brief history of Android and mobile developers

Android was just a green twinkle in the eye of creator Andy Rubin when he founded Android Inc. to start development of the mobile operating system. In 2005 the company was acquired by Google and in 2007 Android was finally unveiled. 

From its humble beginnings in 2007, the mobile OS has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2012 Android is the clear market leader,  claiming a 75% market share of the Smartphone market, with 500 million devices activated, and 1.3 million devices activated a day.   

 Apart from being a popular smartphone among users, Android is also a favorite among mobile developers, for various reasons. Its rapid takeup among developers can be attributed to its open source nature and the free availability of its development tools, such as the Eclipse IDE. These are freely available for downloading, so the cost of entry into Android development is practically zero.  Android devices are also very hackable, another plus in its favor as a developer platform.

 Finally, Android-based smartphones are also usually much more inexpensive than smartphones from competing platforms, which make them well within the reach of most developers, especially in markets like the Philippines.

 It’s usually a long way to the top. But Android scaled it its heights just five years. Here’s to many more years of the little green robot.


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