And the winners of our Cebu event are …

Our developer event last Saturday – “SmartActs Cebu: A Hackathon for Social Good”, done in cooperation with the Google Developer Group Cebu chapter  – turned out to be quite the success baed on early feedback we got from attendees. The theme was to use tech to solve real world problems. For this event the emphasis was on Education and Disaster Preparedness. 

Given those guideposts, the hackathon participants went off and hacked for several hours, after which they were given time to present their creations before a panel of judges.

The judges scored, deliberated, and tallied their scoresheets to arrive at the following list of winners in their respective categories:

Best Student App: Election Awareness Campaign

  • Esci Morales
  • Jaymee Franz Garcia
  • Millicent Anne Mansubre

 Best use of Smart API App: Plot & Rescue Assistant

  • Anthony Yanto
  • Dandeljane Maraat

Best use of Technology App: Plot & Rescue Assistant

  • Anthony Yanto
  • Dandeljane Maraat

Best Education App: AskBuildShare

  • Albert Padin
  • Luis Patrick Villaruz
  • Ian Bert Tusil

Best Disaster Response App: Tudlo: Teaches, Guides, Points

  • Vince Loremia
  • Lester Cabalon
  • Raffy Englis

Note: Plot & Rescue Assistant won twice, including one for “Best Use of Technology” – a category suggested by Marco Vandenberg of  the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), who was there to observe the hackathon proceedings for an IRRI hackathon being planned soon.The winners won a trip to the IRRI facility in Los Banos Laguna to participate in the IRRI Hackathon.

And the distinguished Judges were:

1.       Michael Marin –

2.       Mark Buenconsejo –

3.       Max Limpag – Innopub

4.       Nap Ramirez – DevCon Cebu

5.       Marco Van Den Berg – IRRI


3 Responses to And the winners of our Cebu event are …

  1. Koini says:

    Congratulations to the winners especially to Dandel Jane! 🙂 My school mate!

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