Live Blogging #SmartActs Cebu: A Hackathon for Social Good

We’re setting up right now at the SMART Regional office in Mabolo, Cebu for today’s event – #SMARTActs Cebu. This is billed as a “hackathon for social good” – following the current trend in tech events that seek to find tech based solutions to real world problems. Webgeek’s recent DevCup used this theme, Mashable’s global “Summit for Social Good” applied this to social media, and we’ve monitored developer events from AT&T’s Developer Network that also use this theme.

We’ll be live blogging this event on this page, so stay tuned here for updates, or follow the hashtag #SmartActsCebu on Twtter.

10:07 am Here’s a panoramic view of the setup:

10:11 am: Here’s a peek at the bandwidth at the event. Having a dev event close by network operations sure has its perks.

10:15  am – Boy, live blogging, tweeting, and giving talks at the same time is hard!!

1:45 pm – Hackathon has started.

4:28 pm – Pizzas have arrived!


7;07 pm – Presentations are now going on!


In the meantime, here’s the official description of today’s event:


#SmartActs Cebu: A Hackathon for Social Good is a one-day developer event and pocket hackathon hosted by the SMART Developer Network (SMART DevNet), the developer community for Smart Communications, Inc.’s technology platform and Google Developers Group (GDG) Cebu.

We’re inviting existing and aspiring developers to create a web and/ or mobile app that can be used for education or disaster preparedness and emergency response.

We’re looking for web and mobile apps in the field of education and disaster preparedness that has the potential to be of use to the community. These include location based, social media tools, photo sharing, information, games, etc. The use of Google and/or SMART APIs is highly encouraged.

#SmartActs Cebu: A Hackathon for Social Good is open to all developers especially those based in Cebu and in the Visayas. This is a FREE event, no charge for admission, but registration is required. Admission to the event is based on registration dependent on venue capacity.


1. Register via the Eventbrite page:

2. Join the Smart DevNet Facebook group ( and the GDG Cebu ( to get more info about the event as these are announced.


1. Form a team of 2-3 members in advance. If you don’t have a team going to the hackathon, you are encouraged to find other participants who don’t have any teams yet. If you still don’t have a team just before the hackathon begins, the organizers wil try to find you a team. A team must have a minimum of two members.

2. Join our Facebook Group  ( we will be announcing a Hackathon Signup page here where you will need to provide details of :
a) your app name and description, b) the team name, and c) your team members.

3. Get ready with your ideas for your app. Teams are allowed to have pre-work. You can also start working on your HTML5 app on the day of the hackathon itself.

4. At the end of the hackathon, all the groups registered for the hackathon will need to pre
sent their app via a live demo. The order of the presentations will be drawn by lots. Teams who are not registered cannot do a live demo and will not be eligible for any of the prizes.

5. We encourage everyone to join a team – even if you registered just to observe, you are strongly encouraged to be a participant-observer.

6. Use Google and SMART API’s for best chance of winning the competition.


Date:              September 29, 2012
Time:             10AM to 10PM
Venue:        Ground Floor, SMART Communications Regional Office, 4446 J. Luna Ave., (Mabolo),  Cebu City

1000AM to 1100AM          Registration (Smart and GDG)
1100AM to 1110AM          Welcome Remarks from GDG (Ruben Licera, GDG Cebu convenor)
1110AM to 1120AM          About Smart DevNet (Jim Ayson, Smart DevNet)
1120AM to 1130AM          #SmartActs: Kabalikat Overview (Atty. Maria Jane Paredes, Smart Public Affairs VisMin Head)
1130AM to 1230AM          Smart APIs (Paul Pajo + Smart DevNet team)
1230PM to 100PM            Lunch

100PM to 130PM –            Hackathon Overview and Mechanics
130PM to 630PM              Actual Hackathon
630PM to 830PM              Presentation of Apps
830PM to 900PM              Judging
900PM to 915PM              Awarding
930PM onwards                Drink Up !!!!!!!


  • The #SmartAct Cebu: A Hackathon for Social Good event is open to all students and developers of all ages.


  • At the end of the hackathon proper, teams will do a live demo of their apps.
  • The app can optionally use the SMART APIs either as concept and/or prototype
  • Teams will undergo final judging by presenting their project to a panel of judges who will identify the winners.
  • All decisions of judges are final. Scores will not be made public.


  • Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams for the best education app and best disaster preparedness and emergency response app. A special prize will be given for best use of SMART APIs. We have awesome stuff for the winners!

Best Disaster Preparedness/ Emergency Response App – 1 Samsung Nexus for the team and Smart Bro Plug-it for each team member + Smart Disaster Preparedness Kits

Best Education App – 1 Samsung Nexus for the team and Smart Bro Plug-it for each team member + Smart Disaster Preparedness Kits

Smart DevNet Award – best use of Smart APIs – Smart Bro Rocket Wifi for each team member + Smart Disaster Preparedness Kits


  • Teams are expected to bring their own laptops. Internet access will be provided at the venue.
  • The order of presentation will be determined by drawing lots.
  • Each presenter is given three (3) minutes to explain the entry and two (2) minutes to answer questions during the Q&A.


  • The app can be web based, mobile based or both & functionality is preferred
  • An App that people want – 25% (convince us market NEED for your app)
  • An App whose time has come – 25% (convince us of the app’s TIMING)
  • An App that’s clever (really!) – 25% (convince us of the app’s INGENUITY)
  • An App that’s properly mashed-up – 25% (convince us of the app’s INTEGRATION)
  • Did we tell you we have a prize for apps that connect to SMART APIs?

The team warrants that the entry is their original idea and does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party. Participants are responsible for securing appropriate protection for any Intellectual Property (IP) contributed by the team members or their parent institutions. In the absence of such protection, participants should restrict themselves to non-enabling disclosures of their IP. Entries that have won major awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in any international, national or school competitions cannot be entered. Wireless service applications that are already in commercial production may not be entered. Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) & GDG Cebu shall not be liable to any participant for commercializing ideas that have been independently developed but are similar in concept to submitted entries.

Participants agree to abide by the terms of these Official Mechanics and by the decisions of the organizers and/or the judges, which are final and binding on all matters pertaining to this contest. By joining the contest, the participants agree to waive any right to claim ambiguity or error in these Official Mechanics. Except where prohibited by law, the winners consent to the use of their name and/or likeness by SMART and GDG Cebu for advertising and publicity purposes without compensation.

Each participant agrees that SMART and GDG Cebu and its parent companies, agents, representatives, affiliates, and employees will have no liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind resulting from his participation in the contest, or resulting from the acceptance, possession, or use of these prizes, nor in any way are responsible for any warranty, representation, or guaranty, express or implied, in fact or in law, relative to any prize, including but not limited to the quality, condition, or fitness.

Each participant agrees that SMART and GDG Cebu and its parent company, agents, representatives, subsidiaries, affiliates, and employees will have no liability whatsoever for any injury, loss, or damages of any kind resulting from the use of the entry, unless such entry has been formally offered by SMART and GDG Cebu to the public as a service or a product. Each participant warrants that it holds the necessary intellectual property right(s) over the entry, undertakes sole responsibility for any adverse or infringement claim(s) thereon, and further holds Smart and GDG Cebu, its directors, officers, employees, agents, parent company subsidiaries and affiliates free from any liability arising out of such adverse or infringement claim(s) including claim(s) for damages.

Event details will change without prior notice.

For question, please contact the event organizers by emailing or by posting your inquiries via

Smart DevNet Facebook group (

GDG Cebu Facebook group (


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